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By FB Marchinton


The stables and barns were built with “owl-holes” to encourage owls in the keeping down of rodents. Since at least the turn of the last century, local legends have sprung up about the owls on the estate.  It is said that an owl seen landing on the driveway or flying through the gatehouse meant that the lord, who was often away on business, was returning home.  When the first Victor Sutton-Fiennes served overseas in both World Wars, one or two owls were  seen perched on the estate’s folly tower at dawn and dusk, facing southward.  When the fifth baron passed away in 2005, no less than seven barn owls were seen on the estate grounds, perched on the gatehouse and the main house.  On the morning following the private burial, four owls were seen perched on the stones of the family cemetery.

Barn owls: