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What is London Falling, and who the heck am I?

I’m Andromache, and this originally was my blog about a Scion game/story set in London 2012. I hope to bring everyone up to date on that. We’ve had about 10 adventures since I started the blog two years ago.

Since then, though, I’ve decided to use this as a platform to tell things like they are. I’m a professor, so I will bitch and moan a lot about education. I’m a parent–ditto. Facebook got too angsty and personal for me. Also, the place I work took offense to what people said there. I’m tweaking my anonymity here.

Back to London….

The events of the epic started with a bang–literally. Twelve sites around London were blown up with a dozen small-scale nuclear weapons on August 9, 2012. No group has laid claim to these terrorist acts. Communications in the city and points chiefly south and east of the city are severely disrupted. The city is currently under martial law, and the army has blocked off all entrances and exits to/from London, including rail and air traffic. A number of nations and organisations have offered help, including the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the UN. At present, casualties are unknown, but expected to be extreme, due to the number of tourists in the city for the Olympic Games. Among the known dead are Prime Minister David Cameron and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. The whereabouts of most members of the Royal Family are unknown. All that may separate the nation from complete disaster is a group of MI6 special agents and one of the oldest among their number, Victor Sutton-Fiennes. Think of him as Jack Bauer, except with a better voice and twice the brains.

I have to admit, it was agonising to blow up Lambeth Palace. I love Rowan Williams–he’s the Dalai Lama of the Anglican Communion and a superb human being, academician, and theologian–what’s not to love? But when looking at the goals of the people behind this mess, it was logical–coldly and calculatingly so. From history, we know that in times of crisis, many people turn to faith, blindly or deliberately. So taking out one of the major leaders of the Church of England completely fit into the scenario, even though as the writer, it hurt to do so.

Right now, everyone is in a state of shock and puzzlement. How did the bombs get into the country? Why London? What was the reasoning behind the selected targets? And worst of all, is there more to come?

Stay tuned and see what happens. I’ll post my notes and such as well as those of the other writer/player involved in this messy drama…

Update for October 9, 2012

After getting the week’s grading done, I was able to spend time updating the site with a timeline, some debriefing info, and some background on the major characters. I’m frustrated that I can’t figure out how WordPress lets you put up photos, but I do have images for many of the characters–something to do later in the week, time permitting. Dyrnwyn looks like Richard Armitage, if that helps…what can I say, they’re godlings, and they all look pretty hot.

Buck wrote a bit about the Thundridge Owls, and he’s working on a nifty short story showing the uncle/niece relationship between Glaukos and Aegis (she wants to be liked so much by the rest of the team, yet she can’t quite figure out how to stop her mouth before her brain…)

Yes, eventually fiction will come out of this, but for now, it helps me organise my thoughts if I can get all the tidbits down in one place. Hence, WordPress.

By the way, had anyone ever heard of George Osborne before? Not me, certainly, but now I know he did a term at Davidson College in Charlotte. Nick Clegg has three kids and speaks several languages. The name of the Queen’s private secretary is correct. And thanks to a number of really awesome interactive sites, including Google Earth, Buck and I actually DID drop .5 KT devices on all the locations in the story–and the website we used politely showed us all the results, damage, and data! What did we writers do before the Internet? We probably made up a lot of crap and hoped no one would call us on it…Now we just hope we’re not in trouble with the SIS or some other unknown British and US agencies.

Update for October 11, 2012

People have asked me, “Do you know who did this bombing and how?” Well, of course I do! I’m not Chris Carter, after all. One of the first things I did was sketch out the responsible parties and how ‘they’ accomplished this task (it was pretty evil in the doing, I must say, but no, it wasn’t Loki). Is there a ‘reason’ why it happened? Oh yes. To sane people, it may seem crazy, but that’s sort of the whole point of terrorism, isn’t it? Sane people might get angry, but they mostly try to solve their differences via a good argument….well, mostly.

There are two new pieces published today. One is a character study of Aegis by Buck–showing how she is both frightfully clever and also somewhat absent minded. I love Aegis, by the way; she has the best of intentions, always; she just can’t manage to pull them off as gracefully as her ‘Uncle’ Victor.  The other is by me, a brief reflection by a minor character on that awful first mission into London right after the bombing, by Glaukos and a group of SAS volunteers–inspired, of course, by the second verse of the patriotic song “I Vow to Thee, My Country.” It’s sung at weddings quite often, but without that particular verse, as may be obvious.

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