Project Arondight

Posted: 07/10/2012 in Mission Briefings and Classified Materials

Project Arondight is a team of Scions–the earthly children of godly parents (either born or adopted). The team operates under the auspices of SIS (aka MI6) and the command of Brigadier General Arthur Craddock. The current team members are:

Rebecca Bernstein (Code Name: Arkangel, daughter of Bast):

Rebecca is about 26 and the youngest team member. She is a Scion of Bast. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and Hebrew and holds a degree in law from the University of London. She’s an excellent administrator, but lacks some dedicated field experience.

Elizabeth Tracey (Code Name: Aegis, daughter of Athena, alias Victoria Melton)

Elizabeth Tracey is an alias for Victoria Melton, a third generation Scion of Athena (adopted; her true godly parent is Zeus). She appears to be around 30, but is actually over 50 years old. Her grandfather was a WW II hero. She is cool, calculating, and ruthless, but very skilled in seeing the big picture and coming up with strategic plans. She is idealistic despite her seeming lack of humor. Her father was friends with Sutton-Fiennes. Aegis is sort of the team mastermind and to outsiders appears to have symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome. Sutton-Fiennes suspect this is some sort of curse by Hera, tired of her husband’s philandering ways….

Rupert Jones (Code Name: Dyrnwyn, son of Heimdall, alias Anthony Summers)

Rupert Jones is a former SAS assassin. He’s deadly with a lot of weapons, including his bare hands. He attended a polytechnic school and also is skilled in basic mechanical engineering. He is chafing a bit at his current ‘guard duty’ assignment and wants to be more in the heart of the action. Although he looks to be around 40, he’s over 70 years of age.

Helene Peacock, Baroness Stornoway (Code Name: Ascalaon, daughter of Aphrodite–adopted, alias Emma Burton Redford)

Helene Peacock has a public persona and writes best selling romantic historical mysteries. She is beautiful and quite witty for a woman born in the 1870s. In her spare time, she writes romantic mysteries. Her role on the team is social, but she can contribute to a fight when necessary. She’s good at getting the team into places where the others may be out of their comfort zone. Like Sutton-Fiennes, she has had to ‘disappear’ and then reappear later in a new identity.

Victor Sutton-Fiennes, Viscount Thundridge (Code Name: Glaukos, son of Athena–adopted)

Victor is from a minor English noble family that gained fame as soldiers; his first war was, in fact, the Great War. Except for some downtime between 1944-64, he’s followed in the family business. Victor, however, is much more of a strategist and likes to ‘think ahead’ of the enemy. He finds the current situation especially disturbing as the attackers did not target any classic ‘symbols’ of the British Empire, but rather seemed to plan a slow, lingering death for London and its immediate surroundings.

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