BBC Manchester Update

Posted: 25/09/2012 in BBC News Updates


This is Christine Reardon-Barnes, BBC News Manchester with an update.

We have received a brief report from Colonel Maxwell Gould of the TA Regiment London. The Queen was evacuated from Greenwich earlier this evening, where she had been viewing the Grand Prix dressage event at the Olympics.

Colonel Gould reported that His Lordship, the Archbishop of Canterbury was known to have been in residence today at Lambeth Palace. Likewise, Prime Minister David Cameron was sited in the Parliament chambers shortly before the explosion at Lambeth. Colonel Gould was quoted as saying, “While we do not have confirmation, early reports indicate that with the structural damage, it is likely that both our Prime Minister and the Archbishop were casualties in this atrocity.”

Our next report will follow in fifteen minutes. This is Christine Reardon-Barnes, BBC News Manchester.

  1. Joan says:

    What an interesting way to set up the story. I am certainly intrigued!

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